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Length: 1980 mm
Wingspan: 1840 mm
Weight: 4800 g, without fuel
Engine: YS-170 CDI
Radio: MPX Profi MC 4000, 2.4 GHz
Fuel tank: 500 ml

The Making of Hyperion
Story in pictures


VooDoo I

Length: 1940 mm including the 80 mm spinner
Wingspan: 1840 mm
Weight: 4400 g, without fuel
Engine: YS-140S
Radio: MPX Profi MC 4000, equipped with 2.4 GHz XtremeLink module
Fuel tank: 330 ml
Flight time: 10 minutes
Image of VooDoo I


 Wing and tail are covered with neon-type film, so the model can be seen very easily even in twilight weather. We offer the option to make this model for you, more details in shopping area.




Length: 1960 mm
Wingspan: 1900 mm
Weight: 4800 g, with fuel
Engine: YS 140 Sport
Picture of VooDoo  The radio is Multiplex Profi MC 3030. I used RX-9-SYNTH receiver which is DS with IPD technology implemented. This receiver allows you to put 2 sets of onboard accus, thus a little way avoiding the need of power panel for the servos. Furthermore - if you use mechanical switches of the onboard batteries it's very good idea to use dual power supply like I use.

Here are some infield pictures:


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